Dove had an FBI-trained sketch artist draw women based on how they saw themselves versus how others saw them.

this is powerful


ON THE RIGHT: a developing human child at 8 weeks old
ON THE LEFT: dismembered human children at 8 weeks old

This is the outcome of human abortion - the difference between being an advocate for life and being an advocate for the ‘choice’ illustrated above.

If you consider yourself pro-life, it means that you stand against those who at least encourage others to sacrifice their own children for the sake of profit and/or convenience, as well as those who have done and would again do so. You stand for the rights of all human beings without exception, including the little ones who have yet to reach the end of their time spent developing inside of their mother’s bodies.

If you consider yourself pro-choice, your legacy is simply the stark reality of the above photos — the destruction of human life for any number of reasons. Congratulations… you have so much to be proud of.


Bad habits start early…


The market is always better than the Government